How To Catch A Cheating Spouse Using Facebook

When you are looking at ways how to catch a cheating spouse, it really is not as hard as you think. You can use a lot of out of the box methods to do so. In this article, I’m going to cover how to catch a cheating spouse by using their phone number or email address to check if they have any alias on Facebook.

First of all you need to know that the internet is a great tool. It can be used to do great things, and sadly, it can be used to destroy a relationship. Many of you that have arrived here will already have a suspicion that your spouse is in fact cheating. This may be because their behaviour has changed towards you. There will be factors to watch out for that you will have caught onto by now. Things like their behaviour getting colder. He or she may be more secretive around their mobile telephone. They may want to spend more and more time alone.

Activities that you may have done together may all of a sudden become me time opportunities for him or her to head off alone. It can be hard to get a hold of them in the day. Perhaps they ignore calls, or are all the time busy when it comes to spending time with you and your family. Whatever your suspicions are, you have a right to know. Facebook is a horrible network. One that has caused the breakdown of many a steady marriage, and has also broken a lot of families by reconnecting the past with the present.

Facebook Is Terrible For Cheating Spouses To Network!

People find it an opportunity to get into the lives of others. They have a devil inside them that leads them , to go and check out their exes, perhaps reconnect with old classmates. Those that are completely out there and have low self-esteem even connect with people that they do not know! The world that we live in is evolving so fast that for those that are not literate online, it can be hard to trace the tracks of a cheating spouse. Let alone find out if your spouse is indeed cheating on you. You can however, use the Facebook site to track down a lot of things without you even realising.

You need to head to the log in section on the site. Then you can enter forgotten my account.

When you do this you will be met with an option to enter an email, phone number, user name or name to log in.

Play around a little bit with phone numbers that your spouse uses. Try their office number, their mobile number, their secondary telephone number if you have it that it. Email addresses, user nick names that you know them for. Then, you should draw up something from that. You will be able to see a list of options to verify that the account is yours and of course telling you the name of the account.

Many spouses find that their husband, wife or partner has a secret account that they had no idea of. Or, that they in fact have a phone number or email address that they did not know about either. You can get some disturbing results when using this method of catching a cheating spouse. This is the limit of what you can draw up when you do not have access to his or her phones. However, even if you have no access to their phones, the next step you can do is to Google the Facebook name and find out if there are any other user names floating around on the web with that alias.

You can also make a face Facebook account and send a friend request to the account! Adding them as a friend and see their friends too. That is only if they are private. If of course they are not private because they think that their actions are not visible you will be able to see their friends and of course the people that are interacting with them a lot more than they should be.

This in itself can help you to find out if your spouse has been unfaithful. You may be shocked and find that there are a lot of pics of him or her with another man or woman through their friends on the site. Some lovers are so confident that their new found partner is theirs that they will have no shame to post pics of them together. This can be because they have no idea that you exist, or because they really have no morale and really do not give a shit that they are wrecking a relationship.

A Real Life Example Of How My Friend Found Out Her Husband Was A Cheat

A good friend of mine has a very dodgy husband. He is a creep and I can see right through him. She confided in me that she thought he was cheating, and asked if I could help. I have to admit on this occasion I couldn’t because I knew deep down inside that he was. So, I checked myself- I Googled his name, I found his numbers and the work numbers he used on his website. I then went to check the site and what do you know, he had a work account using his secret company name- you know the company that his poor wife had no idea about! Being such a business man he was… or rather NOT! He also had the cheek to use his picture openly and the status was single, no kids (Well this guy is tripping because he has 5 kids and a wife LOL)

Anyhow he had a Facebook that was open for anyone to see, I could nosy at it just by searching on Facebook for his name through a fake account I opened. I was able to see that he posted pics with whores he met from other countries when touring, on “business” as his poor wife babysat at home. He was also snapping selfies with designer clothing like he was some type of a tycoon. My friend, his wife- well I felt awful. I didn’t have the heart to tell her. However, I did offer her instructions as to how to find info out in the end. Needless to say, she is very distant the poor chickL This is a perfect example of people are creeps. I am happy she did know however, because some of the comments he posted indicated that he has unprotected sex with prostitutes and well- she had no idea! It could have killed her, and her kids too if she had any further kids. It could have given her aids or any number of STDs, all for his selfishness. The guy had no shame he even shared the information about his cheating and other women with his friends, that were her fiends too. Men that she welcomed into her home as her spouses friends. Some people are so low it is unreal.

Behind every home wrecker, is a man or woman that was not raised with morals. You can even enter their email address, and then it will draw up the name of the person that is registered there. But beware, you need to be prepared for heartbreak like this can make you nuts!

If You Can Access Your Partners Phone You Can Catch Your Cheating Spouse With Ease!

If you have access to your spouse’s phone or if you draw up multiple numbers and mail addresses when playing around with the forgot my account option, you can send a request for a new password, and get into your spouse’s account that way. You may even surprise yourself a bit with your new found detective skills as you could even send a message to a phone that is hidden somewhere in your home and will beep.

You never really know what can of worms you are opening when you start to delve into the online seedy world of cheating spouses. So, beware. Also, do note the contents of this article may or may be illegal in your country. Use the information I share with you with caution. Use VPNs to access this information. Also, make sure that you do not have a violent partner, because if he or she finds out this could put you up for a beating or two. Cheating spouses can also have a tendency to be violent ones. They never know how to account for their actions. It will always be someone else’s fault. Narcissistic personalities are very likely to cheat.



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